2019 Update

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while.

When I first established this website (in November, 2014) – I had no idea what was ahead.  I was just undertaking the next stage in my Journey – at that point in time.

Fast-forward a few years later, and it is now the first week of April, in the year 2019.

Looking back: that is FOUR FULL YEARS of this healing service that has been undertaken.  All of 2015, all of 2016, all of 2017, and all of 2018.

By a conservative measure, I have been averaging 7 Workings per week, so you can do the maths on that one!  Of course – amongst that – are individuals that have sought out multiple Healings in that time span.  So I have had many interesting (and IMPORTANT!) connections and collaborations.  So very crucial to my continued development as a Healer and Facilitator.

I am grateful for every personal Encounter.

So right now, in April 2019, this Healing Work is ongoing.  It is the best way that I know (personally) of being of Service to Another.

In terms of my personal life, I am still currently working a part-time job in the media sector.  It is an office job – on the night shift – three nights a week.  It provides my main income – and offers the opportunity for enough FREE TIME to engage in both my spiritual Journey, as well as offer the Healing Service on this particular website.

I am still grateful that I have the means to do such 🙂

The Law of One remains a critical part of my Journey.  I very much enjoy Scott Mandelker’s podcast analysis of all 106 Sessions.  In addition to that, the work I most respect is a set of dialogues called ‘I Am That’.  The finest example of a (modern) realised individual – the person who has seen BEYOND.

But in my heart of hearts – all the personal work that I do – the inner healing and balancing – is so that I can become a better Facilitator for this Healing Service.

It is an Honor to serve in this Role that I do.



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