Self Healing Tips and Guidance

As always – as in life – it is quite often an advisable thing to EXHAUST all the means for self-help that one has available to oneself, before seeking outside assistance.

This applies especially to the metaphysical space.

But it’s also understandable that people have been enduring issues for years, or even decades, before landing upon a site such as this.

In terms of some self-corrective measures, I can point to the following –

1 ) DIET – elimination of dairy and wheat as a preliminary measure.  Just try that for yourself, to see where it goes.  One can also work with something called ‘Intermittent Fasting’.

2 ) CONDITIONING – even from a very (weak) physical baseline, one can build a firmer foundation.  A practitioner called Diamond Dallas Page created his own program (named after himself).

If you google ‘DDP Yoga About Us’, it will give you an overview.

3 ) METAPHYSICAL BASIS – sometimes it’s good to know what metaphysical healing actually is, before seeking it out!  My go-to text in this space is ‘Hands of Light’ by Barbara Ann Brennan.  It is full of insightful diagrams, and is actually an excellent doorway, if you are interested in becoming a practitioner yourself.

4 ) DREAMWORK/GUIDANCE – quite often, we are being led to our own answers ourselves – it’s just that we lack the ability (or sensitivity) to recognise such cues and insights.  Being able to self-reflect here offers much fruit for Consideration, in terms of moving forward.


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