The Journey

Let me take you on a Journey. A journey through 22 archetypal patterns. Energies which inform each human consciousness. Energies which are foundational, and ever present. 

The Cycle of Knowing 

We begin with the first cycle of 7. Which deals with aspects of mental activity. 

First comes the Protagonist. The core actor of the Mind. The lens through which mental action is seen. 

Next comes Elucidation. The Mind needs to be informed, to tap into a deeper substrate. Elucidation is this activity. 

The product of this becomes the Enthusiast. This is the Mind when it has become entranced through a certain means of knowing. The mind when it has become captured. 

The Pilot is what follows. The pilot who navigates the landscape of enthusiasm. To choose how and when to turn. When to land, when to fly. 

The accumulation of the pilot is published as the Promulgator. The promulgator who self-affirms a certain reality. 

Commitment represents the influences of the light and the dark. The mind needs a moral compass. This is represented here. 

And finally the mind experiences Expansion. It is when the map of the self finds new territory. 

The Cycle of Action 

The second cycle of 7 deals with the Body. And the various modes of expressed action. 

First we need a Platform. From which action can be expressed. 

This is then informed by Discipline. The modes and patterns through which the platform can grow. 

The nature of the world is unpredictable. Events happen, encounters arrive. Stochastic is the description of the Body’s response to the changing environment. 

When action has been harmonised to the changing outside, Communion is the result. This is a conduit from outer to inner, and then inner to outer. 

The Orchard represents the accumulated fruit of expressed action. 

The President is tasked with the implementation of clear action. The body is sculpted and morphed to accommodate this. 

And all this action of the body takes place within the fields of light. The Informant is what I call these overlapping fields of personal light. 

The Cycle of Certainty 

And we arrive at the third cycle of 7, which traces the path-hood of Direction. Direction in the sense of metaphysical knowing.

We begin with the element of Stillness. Which is an absence of direction. 

This landscape is then illuminated with an Outburst. This Outburst provides a sudden overview of the inner dynamics that are possible. 

The product of this becomes Steadiness. Where one glimpses a certain direction is beneficial. And sets one’s heart on it. 

Once a certain viewpoint is developed, this then is placed in opposition to other viewpoints. I call this the Contrast. 

The collection of various viewpoints permits an ongoing Influence. Influence is the direction of one’s inner light. 

When the self requires a certain mode of experience, a Commandment can be issued. 

The Orchestrator represents all the potential possibilities of creation itself. And sits at the pinnacle of directed light. 

The Journey 

And the final archetype is the Journey itself. 

1 Protagonist 2 Elucidation 3 Enthusiast 4 Pilot 5 Promulgator 6 Commitment 7 Expansion 

8 Platform 9 Discipline 10 Stochastic 11 Communion 12 Orchard 13 President 14 Informant

15 Stillness 16 Outburst 17 Steadiness 18 Contrast 19 Influence 20 Commandment 21 Orchestrator

22 Journey


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