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Site Manager for this little project. The Law of One has been the basis of my philosophy for many a year now. It has occupied my consciousness and Thoughts; and the drive to understand and comprehend it has led to many inner changes: balance leads to understanding, and understanding promotes further Balance. I am based in Sydney, Australia. Namaste

My Methodology of Healing

My Methodology of Healing is dependent upon being able to access the Buddhic Field.   For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is the field that contains unity and all-things.  It is complete and whole.  It also doesn’t matter what name it is referred to by, because everyone has experienced it at some time in their lives.  Can you recall a time (or a moment) when everything felt supremely peaceful, supremely connected, and you knew that everything was absolutely whole and perfect?  It may have been fleeting, and just for a split-second, but there was a sense of the wholeness of the fabric of creation and existence.  Peace, serenity, connectedness, tranquility.  That is the buddhic field.

So everyone has been there, and knows what it feels like.  The job of a Healer, under my own Methodology, is to be able to access that place at will, and when someone requests some assistance.  Just like you go to a doctor or a mechanic, and they are offering their services to help you address your issue, the doctor or the mechanic has been trained to recognise certain situations, and can make the appropriate corrective response to fix your issue.  There is a lot of training and skill that goes into that readiness to be able to provide a service when you request it.

And so it is with a Healer.  They are required to train and discipline themselves, to understand themselves at a deep level to be able to access that place of serenity and wholeness, to be able to enter that buddhic field when there is a need for it.

That is a baseline requirement, in my view.  It can take many years of meditation, personal work, shadow work (psychology), life experience, and balancing before this particular energetic field becomes available at will.

Once this place of consciousness has become familiar, and is accessible, then that’s where some technical training comes into play.  The Buddhic Field is the place where all things are connected, and whole, and the technical training (or the personal technique of Healing) is how one interfaces and makes requests of this Field.

When a client comes to me with a request, I first of all do a Reading.

This Reading is like a laundry list of all the metaphysical issues that are relevant to what the Client has brought up in their Request.

I start at the top of the list and work down.  That’s the order that it has been presented to me, and so I follow it.

Each issue will have multiple layers which have to be resolved in their own way, and each layer has to be resolved individually.  So each issue can take quite a bit of time to get to the absolute root level of emotion holding the whole structure or pattern in place.  A typical issue will take me about 5-10 minutes to observe, balance, dispel, banish, and finally integrate with a pattern that reflects the desired wholeness and integrity that the client is desiring.

This is simultaneously energetic and karmic work.  The karma here is not necessarily ‘bad karma’, but just the result of the consequences of thoughts that have been thought in the past and been given emotional empowerment.  We are not always conscious of these thought-form constructions, especially if they were constructed as a child as a form of defensive reaction against a confusing, hostile, and perceived unfriendly world.

One of the key balancers that comes up again and again, is to remind the Client’s subconscious mind of the sovereign field of divine love of which they are composed of.  We all know this implicitly, that we are all energetic miracles in our own right, but in the case of mental and physical disorders, some part of us has forgotten what it feels like, to experience and be involved (‘enveloped’ and ‘encompassed’) by these fields of interweaving love.  Once this remembrance is offered, then that can be the cornerstone to resolving that particular layer of distortion.

The Working continues step-by-step, and as each metaphysical issue on my list is resolved, I activate it’s integration in the field of the client.

When it’s all complete, I activate the Healing Intelligence for the entire Working, and usually witness quite a light show!

At this point (or sometime soon after), I will write to the client saying that the Working has been complete, and offer any relevant scenes from what I have witnessed.  This is an act of discretion on my part, as some things, in my judgement, may not be helpful to relate, and may result in the client thinking backwards, rather than looking forwards, even though the actually Working has been completed.  I will do my best to answer any questions that come out of the Working, and that are a response to the changed experience of the client.

I will then follow-up two or three days later, once there are a few sleep cycles to fully integrate the new potentials that have been offered.  Some more Work may be needed, as other issues can come up that had been obscured by the original difficulty that the client was laboring under.

It’s definitely a commitment to service on my part, and as you can see, I don’t call it a ‘Working’ for nothing!  There is a lot of effort and applied intelligence that goes into resolving these patterns that are causing difficulties for my Clients.  But I love nothing better than to experience and witness these healings on an energetic level.  It’s the best feeling in the world quite honestly, and the fact that it results in the changes it does for the person at the other end continues to amaze me, time and time again.

So that’s just a brief outline of my methodology.  In truth, I wish I could attach a GoPro camera to my consciousness so that I could share with you what I witness during a Working!

What Got Me Started on the Healing Journey

First of all, I am 37 years old as I write this. That’s to give some context. I am also male, live in Australia, and of an Asian heritage, to give some further background. That’s the table-setter.

I am just beginning my public role as a Healer right now.

Why so late? Don’t people start practicing their spiritual gifts at an earlier age, if they have them?

Well, truth is, my spiritual awakening began about 20 years ago, just after I left high school. That’s when the belief and confidence I had in mainstream society became first undermined, when I first became aware that there were deeper truths that had always been out there, but that aren’t interwoven into the values and the goals of our current society. There was, in fact, a spiritual reality, where the true origination of things took place. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate this understanding back then, but that’s when the first glimmerings of awareness started to happen. And truth be told, it was a rather rude awakening for me, but that is a story for another day. Here I am to talk about my path to becoming a Spiritual Healer.

As I passed though my age 20’s years, I had a difficult time combining alternative beliefs with a conventional study and work life. It’s like these two things – the inner world, and the outer world – were in a clash, and there was no way to harmonize the inner experience with the outer one.

Once I got into my thirties, though, various powerful philosophies came my way, and I was able to see a life lived in society could also be a very spiritual one, infused with the values, the understanding, and the acceptance from within. That’s when I first started practicing my Spirituality, rather than seeing it as a neat nest of mental concepts.

Deep meditation was the first breakthrough. Despite having been aware of it’s power and efficacy from many traditions, I didn’t actually practice it myself. I was too mental. Too thought oriented to just sit down and calm the mind. But one day, I just felt the overwhelming urge to do so, and it’s like a tidal wave broke over my soul. Here was this entry point into the deeper self.

Dream work and analysis followed this, which helped me process the turmoil of each day’s experiences, and set them in a deeper and wider context of an overall journey.

This work on the self consumed me over the next 7 years. I could see my work and social life as being a mirror of the inner life, and that the two were not as separate as I had originally thought. In fact, the two were inextricably intertwined, and a faithful reflection of each other. The outer world offered challenging and nourishing experience, the inner world was a landscape populated with the attitudes and concepts derived from living in a physical world, but then came to shape the future nature of events that we chose to experience. One and the other, in constant daily interplay.

During this time, I got to start practicing some Earth Meditation work, offering the best intents to this common ground of ours. This was also backed up by the offering of positive energies to the planet. That’s when I first started to gain a sense of the possibilities inherent in Energy.

I had the faint inklings of becoming a Healer, but had no idea how that would come to pass. Eventually, my interests ended up preparing the way for me, as I continued pursuing and doing the Inner Work, which led me a concentrated year of study of the 7 Chakras in the human body.

When this was complete, I was nudged into doing some Certifications and Training with other healers, and I found the techniques that I would adapt into my own modality. Reiki and Theta Healing offered a lot of input in that regard.

Today, I am ready to heal. In fact, I have been in the process of healing myself for many years now; for before you can heal others, you must learn to heal yourself. The self is the first individual to be healed by a Healer.

I have worked on quite a few clients thus far, and the results already surprise me. This is real! One can tap into the universal fields, be separated in location, and still be able to resolve blockages, issues, and illness for someone.

So what got me started on the Healing Journey? It was a deep love for myself, and a deep love for the other self. I am in a position to help, and have that strong desire to help.

And thus I choose to make this Healing available to you, where-ever you are on the planet, and for what-ever issue you may be experiencing.

I am here to Help.