How it Works

How do I get a Healing from you?

It’s quite simple actually.

1. You describe your issue to me on this page here.  The issue can be anything – physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  Whatever the anxiety or tension is, it doesn’t matter.  It just has to be something that you are struggling with, and would like resolution on.

2. Once I receive your request (I will also acknowledge this via email), I will enter a deep state of meditation and access something that is called the ‘buddhic field’.  This is a spiritual field that contains unity and all things.  Your issue can then be seen in a metaphysical light, one that offers greater clarity and understanding on the issue.

3. I will then make the necessary adjustments, both energetically, and with balancing attitudes and feelings.

4. I will email you back once this is done, and the changes should start manifesting in experience.  Physical things can take some time to readjust.

5. Other issues may arise, that had been obscured by the original issue.  I can also work on those for you.  This is not a problem, and I am available to work on any and all issues that you would like resolution on.  We all deserve a perfectly sound mind and body, and with enough karmic work, this is available to everyone.

6. If you are satisfied with the experience, and actually experienced genuine and palpable changes, I do request a donation for my Working.  However, this is still entirely optional, although a sincere request.  You can donate here.

7. This is not medical advice, and you should not, by any means, change your current regimen prescribed by your medical practitioner until you have been re-examined.  They will be more than willing to give you a clean bill of health if your condition has changed!

This service is done in the service of the One Infinite Creator, of which we are all a part of.

– – –

futher info on my Method


What’s your favourite Color?

It has to be Green.  Color of the heart chakra 🙂

Do you like Sydney?

Love it.  Lived here my whole life.  Can’t really imagine living anywhere else.

Is healing awesome?

Most definitely so.   Irrespective of the benefits it has for my Clients (which are many, according to their reports), I totally enjoy the experience of performing the Working.  It is a highly visual experience, there is a lot going on in terms of energy, and I can get to the core layer of issues, which is extremely satisfying for me to witness on a personal level.  It is also extremely rewarding, perhaps the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.  Except perhaps listen to Bach.  Bach’s music is pretty high up there in terms of rewarding.

Why the nickname Plenum?

I go by the real world name of ‘Garry’, but Plenum is a favourite nickname for me.  Plenum refers to a state that is opposite to a ‘vacuum’.  That is, it contains fullness, completeness, and an abundance of infinite potentials.  Just something about that concept appealed to me on a deep level.  I came across that term in the Ra Material.

Favourite Marvel Movie?

Has to be Guardians of the Galaxy at present.  It’s just really well done on many levels.  I totally didn’t even realise the lead actor was Chris Pratt until I looked it up.  I thought he did fine work many many years ago in the teen drama Everwood.  Which is actually a pretty classy series for a teen drama.

You vegetarian?

Yes, have been for two years now.  Recently switched to veganism as well.    I have a fairly simple lifestyle in general, and having a restrained diet like veganism fits in well with that.  However, I’m not moralizing when it comes to dietary choices.  I had fun seeing my brother dig into a Pork Knuckle at a recent family gathering 🙂

1 thought on “How it Works

  1. Thank you for this wonderful page. I began meditating last year and have a strong interest in healing. This is such an amazing page for learning and fits so well with my discoveries and intuition since I began my journey of awakening. I will be a regular visitor as I believe it will be of great assistance in my journey. I look forward to further blogs and updates on how it’s going.

    Nb: if my intuition serves me right you need to put a picture of yourself on your page. There is a great awakening going on right now and people are potentially being guided by dreams and visions to their awakening and purpose. Your face may help those being guided to you recognise they have found you 😊 Gazoola


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