Request for Healing


No need to sync times.  I do the Working at a distance on a metaphysical level.


My page of Testimonials speak for themselves.


This Work is freely given, with no strings attached.

However, in the case of a successful Healing, I do reqest that a Donation be considered.

Request for Healing

 or  email:


2 thoughts on “Request for Healing

  1. Garry is Phenomenal, he’s now worked on me, my mom, and my mother’s friend!! The most kindest, thoughtful, passionate healer I’ve ever met!! He’s been able to tune into things that I completely forgot to reflect on. My mom actually forgot he was scheduled to work on her that day and realized her pain was reduced. She told me she felt better and I exclaimed “Garry is working on you right now!”. Wow, so blown away. I’m so happy that reading the Law Of One brought me to his website. Both my mom and I felt something going on in our bodies while he was doing the work!! Just incredible! Thank you Garry! Much love!!


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