Update 1 Apr 2019: working with some solar plexus issues.

Oh my heck you are amazing!

I do feel things moving and shifting. I thank you! I sometimes do trades with people in different modalities and its been so long.

Thank you and many blessings.

– – female from USA

Update 30 Mar 2019: an expat living in Japan.  This Healing evolved over a period of time (multiple sessions, spaced a week apart).  We got into some deep emotional territory!

Hey Garry,
how have you been?
I haven’t emailed you lately. I managed to get back to work, after a year of achilles pain!
A book I found was “Healing Back Pain” by Dr John Sarno. He’s kind of famous, you can see some videos on youtube.
My pain is still there but I went from being unable to walk/stand 1hour to working 8 hours on my feet, lifting suitcases and walking!
I wanted to thank you, and after I get paid I need to be sincere with myself. Without your help I don’t think I would have found the strength to continue.

– – male from Japan

Update 14 Feb 2019: pain can come from many sources – emotional trauma is no JOKE.  Psychosomatic is used as a dismissive term, without really understanding the deeper dynamics of mind/division, and the real Walls of Pain that are engendered.

After the Working you’ve done, I’m feeling and seeing things more clearly.

Sunday my back pain was TOTALLY gone, I was really light, I felt in a new body haha. But Monday I had to go to the studio for a meeting (I work at home most of the time, so this is good). I had a little ‘situation’ with him and I felt a dark presence all over me… and my back pain was back.

Well, yesterday and today I feel I’m getting back to that sensation I had after the Working, feeling my entire body but with no pain, just feeling present.

– – female from Brazil

Update 3 Jun 2016:  Dealing with a football injury that had occurred more than 42 years ago, and which was presenting itself currently as extreme symptoms.

Hi Garry,

The whole healing has been quite remarkable.

My right shoulder, upper back, and neck are greatly improved. Plus my physical body’s balance has been restored (even though I had no idea how much it needed to be before this).

Sorry it has been so long to get back to you, but this has been a slow and ongoing healing process since the middle of May.

Thank-you again, my brother.


– – male from USA

Update 2 Jun 2016:  Working on a shoulder issue …

Hi Garry

I have experienced immediate and noticable relief in my shoulder symptoms. Although the issues are not completely gone, there has been dramatic improvement!! Will you be doing a second working any time soon? Thank you for help.

– – male from USA

Update 26 May 2016:  A young lady who was going through some very real (and intense) emotional stress. The stressors had been present for a while, but environmental and social conditons really set things off.

I want to thank you friend for being with me and helping me in this time of crisis, for all your support and kindness it really means alot to me. Thankyou for being here when I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help. I really appreciate everything and your help God bless you 🙂

– – female from USA

Update 22 May 2016:  I don’t work with pets a lot, but I’m always appreciative when the opportunity comes up. This pet rabbit had been diagnosed with metastasis 6 months earlier.

Hi Garry,

Your working was successful, Winny is better, has started to eat more normally and is much more
peaceful and happy. And this started a few hours after you did your working. I’m very happy with the results and i’m sure Winny is happy about it too !

– – male from Europe

Update 12 May 2016:  A female Client who had headaches that began when sitting down, and especially when meditating. The issue was identified to be a blockage in the left rear portion of the neck, and suitable balancings were initiated.

Hi Garry, the work that you did on my headache issue seems to be a success, I’m really happy about that

– – female from Africa

Update 10 May 2016:  A Mother asked for some help with her 4 year old daughter, who was suffering from night terrors.

Regarding Abigail – she has improved greatly with anxiety, and teeth gridning, + loose bowels.
Immediately after your second working, those first 4 nights were perfect. She slept in her own bed soundly with no waking up.
On the 5th night….well She hasn’t been able to stay asleep in her own bed all night until last night though…

– – female from USA

Update 26 Apr 2016:  I did work for this older lady over a period of time. The effects were cumulative, and while there was some back-in-forth, the direction was always towards greater wholeness and integration. The mental, physical, and also spiritual components were equally touched. The greatest presenting issue were swollen ‘knots’ on the face; very painful and disfiguring.

My face went from 100 percent broke out to 50 percent through 10 percent. Great progress!
My energy levels went back and forth and still do but the internal changes of some life long issues were surfaced and resolved. Like me discovering just how bad I kept everything about myself from others and even my self for some 58 years (I am a normal person with nothing to hide) so this was not ever necessary for me to do! That was liberating! I recently let go of a driving fear in my life that I carried as a burden for 49 years, this fear did not belong to me or in my life (so it was a burden not of my doing) again a major liberation and blessing!
My Crohn’s disease seems to have down graded to an IBS situation and my bowel movement has improved about 50-60 percent. I still suffer from Ulcerated Colitis but not as severe. Thank you.

– – female from USA

Update 2 Apr 2016:  Sometimes it even surprises me how effective things can be!!

I did not know you had done the healing, but I felt a noticeable emotional and psychological shift on Friday. My back has hurt less today than it has hurt in years. I am recovering from five major spinal surgeries on seven levels of my spine. The recovery has been very difficult. I appreciate your help in moving me forward, as I felt stalled in place in terms of psychological and physical healing.

– – female from USA

Update 2 Apr 2016:  This individual had a variety of lower triadic issues (red ray, orange ray, solar plexus), due to a traumatic association with a negative individual. The Healing proved quite effective, and the changes in psychological and physical state were very evident. Three Workings built up to the final result.

Hi Garry,

I’m very grateful of your Working, i’ll make you a donation.
I feel more comfortable with the physical situation, a good part of the worries and
anxieties about physical situation have dissolved. I feel more down to earth, solid, real and more comfortable in the body. Also i’ve more physical energy and mental clarity. I also felt that some of the emotional conditions you worked on in the previous Working further improved. The skin condition has improved and the pain after sitting is almost entirely healed, i’m very happy with that because it before it influenced negatively my mood.

The three Workings you did really helped me in a huge way and i’m grateful for that. When iwrote you the first time i didn’t expected you would help so much 😊

– – male from Europe

Update 29 Mar 2016:  Working with strong second ray blockages. Issues with father, acknowledging self individuality and desires. Very debilitating pain.

You know me, I know you. I’m here to ask you for help one last time, promise!

So this layer, I do not know where to start from. Focusing on it , I can see that the pain is gone, the itch is gone, there is just some residue.

I don’t know what you know, but I’m sure you can help me nail this to the cross, Easter time and all !

Thank you once more !

– – male from USA

Update 6 Jul 2015:  This Client had previously had warts frozen off their face a few years ago. Now there were signs of them returning. The yellow ray imbalances were addressed, the third auric layer purged of contaminating energies, and the results followed.

Hi again Garry,

Quick update. I had one wart for sure at the time of your working, and 2-3 other spots that I suspected of being warts. Everything is gone now!

I think the most positive step has been my realization that the warts aren’t a binary thing — it’s not that I either have them or I don’t. The virus is always with you, apparently. So my having them is … in some ways a choice, or a message; the result of something. They aren’t something to be killed off; it’s something about myself to attempt to understand.

– – male from USA

Update 1 Jul 2015:  Normally, I can only do Workings by direct Request; that is, for the person themselves. In the case of a parent-child relationship, an exception is in place, because of the choice of responsibility for that child (soul contract). This contact even extends into adulthood. This woman’s daughter had been going through a lot of inner pain for some time, with leanings towards binge drinking.

Dear Garry

I forgot to mention in my previous email. You did a working on my daughter. You told me to give it 2 weeks, to see what happens. It seems as if she is making that effort to shift. Looks as though the boyfriend that was keeping her from moving forward has finally left, I sure hope so. She told me she is not drinking excessively, only about 4 beers if she goes out. That is impressive and I certainly see some improvements in her behavior.

– – female from USA

Update 4 Jun 2015:  Another nice piece of validation. This individual had quite a few issues; but, in particular, some severe red chakra issues. They were resolved, and a change in life experience was the result.

Thank you again so much Garry, it’s greatly appreciated. I’ve had a lot of energy work over my lifetime and there’s very few I’ve ever really noticed much a difference but do so very much with your work. I’m guessing you are maybe more clear and pure compared to others working and with less ego. I could see that making a huge difference.

– – male from USA

Update 23 May 2015:  doing some forgiveness work for self-blame.

Hello Garry,

Wow, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking your precious time to try to help me, as stranger. It is truly touching what you do and very inspiring so thank you, truly!!

Your work is amazing and it does work because I have found a shift in the past few days. I have been trying to be very conscious of it and also meditating especially on my heart chakra. I was able to find the courage and tell my son’s father everything I had been feeling and the conversation went very well. No matter what the universe has in store I am at peace and I think you are incredibly for this gift!!!

– – female from USA

Update 22 May 2015:  orange ray issues are quite common.

Hey Garry,

Its been an amazing week for me here. You helped me with a healing
about 8 days ago, related to orange
ray issues. Well, I can only say its been a powerful metaphysical week
for me.

I have been doing relatively intense chakra work in tandem with
trying to open myself to your healing
suggestions and asking each night that I be helped to realize your
suggestions. I noticed cleansing effects
in some of the chakras: burning sensation in my feet, weird bowel
movements that indicate cleansing to me
(the kind of sludge that builds up in the gut but doesnt ever leave
normally, I think), a feeling of energy
rising like I might have a heart-attack, as well as epiphanies and bouts
of laughter at other times.

The issue has begun to heal, that much is pretty certain.

– – male from USA

Update 7 May 2015:  just some simple (but positive feedback) on some orange ray issues for a young man from the USA.

The acne has gone down, and I have been getting better sleep as well. I have been picking up on meditation a lot more too.
Over the past 2 weeks I have felt a gradual change.

– – male from USA

Update 16 Apr 2015:  dealing with a case of hemorrhoids, which was part of a larger complex of issues.

The hemorrhoids have almost completely healed too. Unheard of with how fast they were swelling. Usually takes two weeks to swell completely then another to start healing. One week healed… Is impressive!

And thank you again, i find it inspiring that this actually worked. You should take up an apprentice or start a class and increase your practice. This is healing the way i imagined, its hard to put into words.

Im just glad its not only possible, but available.

– – male from USA

Update 10 Apr 2015:  Dealing with a case of many past traumatic memories causing distortions in the present.

Hi Garry,

It has been 7 days since the in initial healing. I would have to say I have felt lighter, and more in tune with my emotions . I am feeling more normal this week than I have felt for many years. Thank you so much for this. It even appears my sense of smell and taste has improved. I’m not exactly sure what that means. But a huge thank you to you for the work you did.

– – female from Australia

Update 15 Mar 2015:  Some people are energy sensitive … sometimes to an inordinate degree!

Dear Garry,

Everything you’ve said has resonated with me. I was in a relaxed meditation of deep breathing a couple hours after your working and felt many openings.

I experienced a few profound syncronizations/coordinations of energy at different areas physically and came out of it extremely relaxed and content. specifically one moment around my 3rd eye or crown of unfamiliar coordination (possibly of both hemispheres, hard to describe but it was like my masculine ideas were fluctuating/balancing and for a moment aligned with truth and a matching frequency of awareness of positive feeling/emotion in the feminine hemisphere. Another feeling was opening down my front conception channel during exhaling, i felt energy flow all the way down and this started repeating.

I interacted with my mom after this (and before reading your email) and was at deeper peace. Upon reading your email I was filled with immense gratitude. I find your observations of my 2, 4, and 6 chakras and past life very interesting and believable. Thank you!

– – male from USA

Update 15 Mar 2015:  Simple gratitude always works 🙂

Still working through it but wished to express my gratitude in any case! Thank you for your working and insights. L/L

– – male from USA

Update 14 Mar 2015:  This was an extremely happy Client. It took two Workings to resolve the issues. Three areas were initially presented: 1) fatigue issues which interfered with life. Lots of sleep needed. 2) pain in the ovary region that the doctors could not diagnose. and 3) an itching in the genital regions that was also undiagnosed. The main binding issue was to do with the denial of one’s self intuition (a heavily feminine trait), and a lot of heavy balancing work was involved. 9 days after the first session, the second Working was done, and the following email arrived 10 days afterwards, with enough time to determine a change that was lasting, effective, and life-changing. When I am able to resolve an issue this deep, I am truly honored to have been part of the process. But let her words speak for themselves 🙂

Dear Garry,

I would like to thank you for your latest work.
By the time I read your mail, I felt an energy boost and a feeling I cannot really explain before going to bed.
Also your remarks regarding the issues coming from the sacral chakra were spot on, as I also experienced some orange flashing during a session at the osteopath around the same time I contacted you for the first time. At that time I immediately knew that I needed to address some issues pertaining to that chakra. I just didn’t know that much about chakras.

Right now, I have the feeling that my issues have been dealt with. The pain in the ovary region feels like it is being restrained by some force. The itching is less and I am getting used to be able to go a day without a nap.

All I can say is that you are an amazing Human Being with impressive talent. I am forever touched and grateful for the help you are so quick to give. You added a great portion to the happiness I have been feeling during the last few weeks.

I really hope that my job/financial situation will evolve soon enough, so that I can send an amount that is actually payment worthy your way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

– – female from Germany

Update 24 Feb 2015:  Dealing with a negative intrusion causing fear.

Since we last spoke I can definitely say I am doing much better now. You said to let you know in 3-4 days, sorry I forgot. I really do appreciate your work though. Much love to you brother. Aum

– – male from USA

Update 20 Feb 2015:  dealing with long term depression and disempowerment issues.

The dream made me feel quite empowered in a place I had always associated with feeling helpless.

Thinking about it more I’m wondering if my daughter represented me at that age, & that my adult self can now see it from a more mature perspective & take control of the situation.

The fact that I’ve never dreamt of this place in 33 years, & only did after your healing is amazing.

I woke up feeling more empowered & hopeful. As the day wore on I found I slid back to old thought patterns but then thought of the dream which proved that I can feel peace & strength (Its been a very long time since I really ‘was’ those feelings), to the point that I was truly despairing if I would ever know those feelings as a way of living again.

Anyway I thought it was pretty remarkable, & wanted to give you the positive feedback!

I’m looking forward to some more insights tonight!

Thank You again, you really are gifted.

– – female from Australia

Update 13 Feb 2015:  resolving a left shoulder issue which was impairing function in the left arm.

it’s still a bit sore but definitely not bothering me as much and my arm doesn’t feel as weak or limited in motion

so good!

– – male from Canada

Update 6 Feb 2015:  this individual had been suffering from chest pain for over 10 years.  It was a muscular tension that could only be relieved with stretching or working out.  The issue was identified as an imbalance in the central energetic channel (front) being pulled to the left, causing the loss of anchoring.  This was resolved and released.

When i woke up this morning, i saw your email that you conducted a working for me when i was asleep.
last night i slept so deep and on waking up and saw your email, i was fascinated.
i am happy to acknowledge that i feel like much of the tension that i experience around my chest has been alleviated. however, i still can feel a bit of it, but i know it will eventually go.

– – female from Africa

Update 4 Feb 2015: helping with weight loss? Kinda hard to believe, but there are emotional patterns which lead to the body retaining overweight conditions, and interfere with the natural balance of inflow and expressed outflow as energetic heat.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had numerous compliments about how good I look and how much weight I’ve lost. Which is weird because I felt as thought I had lost it ages ago but no one said anything! Very interesting!

– – female from New Zealand

Update 23 Jan 2015: helping with a case of Wanderer Syndrome, and the rejection of the experiences of this planet at an early age.

Thank you. No one knows this memory and I feel very thankful I emailed you. I feel better today because I woke up with no pain. Thank you, Garry.

– – female from USA

Update 21 Jan 2015: the dissolving of a blockage at the solar plexus level.

It feels like it is still working, but I did ‘receive’ the healing and did experiencing the dissolving of that blockage and with it came a big release of all sorts of stuff. Thank you for finally discovering the nature of that blockage.

– – male from Canada

Update 13 Jan 2015: This client had both lower back and neck issues. They were treated in separate Workings.

Garry thank you so much for the healing, my neck is doing pretty good right now, I actually funny enough, forgot about it all together because i couldn’t feel any discomfort and then i was thinking of this forum and then i thought “oh hey! my neck feels really good!”

– – male from Canada

Update 30 Dec 2014: This individual wrote to me about sudden attacks of anxiety and fear. The relevant metaphysical issues were identified, then balanced and resolved.

Once again, I thank you greatly for this healing. To my experience, my mental state of the days following the healing has been remarkably more positive than usual, even when taking into account that I have been physically sick from a virus. I didn’t know before that these kind of mental negativity issues can be healed so efficiently. Thank you so much!

– – male from Finland

Update 23 Dec 2014: This client had been suffering long term acne issues from the age of 17. They were 31 when they contacted me. This acne on the face and chest not only was physically disfiguring, but caused a lot of psychological stress. The issue was resolved, and Healing ensued.

As far as my condition goes…..what condition?! ;P Honestly, there have been a couple of minor blemishes that came up soon after the working, and I used some benzoyl peroxide gel on one of them and it went away very quickly (not typical of previous experience). I’m actually very impressed with the results thus far! I think the reason for these minor blemishes is my remaining conscious pattern of expecting and dealing with bad skin needed/needs a bit of time to readjust in space/time but it seems as if it is healed in time/space. This is also why I stopped using (except for what I’ve just mentioned) the old daily medicated regimen, because I remember a part of the Ra material where Carla was having issues with something (kidneys I think) that had already been healed as she was treating it with some medication as if it was still a problem, thus reinforcing the previous pattern of disease.

– – male from Canada

Update 23 Dec 2014: This client had debilitating back pain for over a year. It caused difficulties in being able to breathe, leading to shallowness of breath and dizziness. It took 3 or 4 Workings to finally resolve the issue, as there were multiple layers involved. But when it finally happened, there was just sheer joy for both them and myself.

My breathing is deep and full, natural, not forced. My back pain seems to be entirely gone today, which is incredibly strange. If I try really hard, I can notice some very minor discomfort, but it’s very tiny. When stretching my limbs and joints, twisting my back, etc., there is no discomforting pain (again, strikes me as really weird). And, today I already cracked my backbone a couple times and it was some of the most amazing back-crackin’ I’ve had. Extremely relieving.

– – male from South America

Update 16 Dec 2014:  Another nice piece of feedback describing relief from physical symptoms.  Sometimes, however, some followup work is needed regards metaphysical processes.  I am more than happy to continue this correspondence as long as it is needed.

Hi Garry,

I think the work that you are doing is fantastic and i would like to express my gratitude again for your service.

After three nights of sleep, I found that the issues I highlighted to you, specifically low energy levels and difficulty in breathing, have largely been alleviated. The strange thing is that although physically the tightness in the respiratory system (which leads to difficulty in breathing) does not manifest, the ‘feeling’ of tightness still appears from time to time. Not sure if I’m describing that right.

With the imbalances surrounding intuition and clarity, I have not necessarily noticed any change in perception but have a feeling that it will come suddenly and instantaneously, prompted by the catalyst of experience.

Lately I have been offering my intention to invite balance and clarity into my life. It was after this that I had stumbled back upon the Ra material (after having not read it for some years), and subsequently, stumbled onto your blog.

– – male from Australia

Update 6 Dec 2014: this client approached me with various physical difficulties.  After my initial Reading, they were all related around the theme of ‘difficulty of processing experience’.  The Working was done, which led to a change in how they experienced their Reality.

i wanted to tell u yes it feels different ❤ 🙂

it’s like there’s less fog/more clarity. & less physical psycho-pain or wut u call it. it’s hard to explain but it means a lot.

thank u ❤

to add, my body&mind both r clearer. really i had such mental pain moving around & it’s like it’s gone. i can’t thank u enough for that alone

– – female from Australia

Update 5 Dec 2014: two very nice pieces of feedback today.

my hands are healing very nicely, thank you 🙂

– – male from Western Europe

Though I felt nothing at first, I’ve experienced a gradual but large improvement in mood since you worked on me.

– – female from USA

Update 4 Dec 2014: I’ve very much enjoyed working with this client, and even though they have labored under many physical distortions, the Workings I have done for them have been an absolute joy.  That said, I was still flabbergasted to receive this feedback from them the other night.

i was in hell my friend these days ,making a single step on foot was stressful and painful without any balance followed by high body temperature,but i wouldn’t mind passing another if it creates the effects like this one did and that is I DON’T EXPERIENCE HIVES ANY MORE , there wasn’t even 1 time that it activated itself and i wasn’t trying to prevent it .(used no medication since your working but that was my call entirely because they didn’t provide any measurable effect on hives anyway

– – male from Eastern Europe

Update 4 Dec 2014: this was a more straightforward Healing, even though there were underlying energetics in the person’s field that also had to be addressed.  It yielded the results that were requested.

Sorry Garry I fell asleep last night, but not right away, I’ll tell you what I felt…..
Primarily I felt like a stir in my third eye,
Like it was an untangling of a tense knot , not very good explanation but I don’t know how else to put it….
At first it throbbed intensly and then it slowly dissipated, it was at that point I yawned a dozen times and felt relief after and then I just knocked out…before this it was the intensity in my head that was keeping we awake in the first place.
I woke up calm and I felt a little better in order internally so to speak…my third eye seems sore but it’s not pain or throbbing…kinda like how muscles feel during rest after a work out….
I do feel better and ive had this done before where it’s worked so I feel like it did.
I’m great ful for your offer and thank you sincerely for this help…it’s been a stressful time….

– – female from USA

Update 2 Dec 2014:  this was an experience that happened early on in my experience as a Healer, and truly convinced me that something was going on energetically.

I will say that plenum offered his help and I asked about my lack of being able to live within the moment and overthink so often.

During the time he was performing it, i had this sense of it being in my throat. Suddenly I started having these deep sharp pains in my throat. When he responded that it was blockage within the throat chakra, I was like whoa and asked when he was performing the healing. He told me the time and it corresponded with the times I was feeling the pain. He said he was seeing a spear going through my throat and he had to snap the spear for it to be resolved.

It kind a freaked both of us out I think lol

– – male from USA

Update 30 Nov 2014:  Sometimes it’s nice having just simple feedback.

Hi! Just letting you know that I’m doing and feeling great-Thanks so much for your healing 🙂

– – female from USA


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Be the change , you want to see. Garry thank you for making a difference in every way possible. Not just for me but for everyone who has approached him. If you’re hesitating about whether to give this a try , just stop thinking already. You have nothing to lose. Let him be the change that will make everything better for you. And if it all works out for you do help him out by donating to him. Cheers.


  2. Thank you Garry, I have felt a lot lighter…and funnily enough, I am laughing a lot!!!
    Love & light


  3. I reached out to Garry almost 2 years ago because I was having very bad nightmares that I had for almost 20 years. He prayed thru me 3-4 times and I have not had any nightmares since that time. I have asked him to help me again as an intercessory for a friend of mine. I know the power it took to break my nightmares. So, I know Garry’s gift is from the Universe. He is gifted.


  4. Garry is a soul I’ve reached out to 6+ years ago. During our fruitful exchanges, his wisdom and friendliness shines bright, and his unconcealable and heartfelt concern for my well-being and spiritual health was and is nothing short of a “God-Send”. With so many pitfalls alive in our world today that beg the warning “don’t do it!”, please allow my experience with this gentle soul to proclaim a true and experiential “DO IT!!!” TxG


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