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My name is Garry, and I am a metaphysical healer.  I have had training in Reiki and Theta Healing, although what I practice is a blending of various traditions, and what I practice can be considered my own Methodology.

The Healing that I offer is done at a distance.  I do not have to be in the same space as you, and we don’t need to sync up a time to perform the Working.  It works directly on the metaphysical fields – what is known as the aura or the chakras – and addresses the metaphysical and karmic distortions that are generating the ill health or physical pain that you are experiencing.

My own personal philosophy is based on the Law of One, or what is known as the Ra Material.  It has informed my understanding about the unity of all things, and how we are all connected.  We are all truly one at a deeper level, bound by a powerful force of Love.

Illness and disease arises because at some level we have forgotten this fundamental understanding about Love, and our Mind has engaged in various patterns of separation. We may have even forgotten what we have done.  The role of a healer is to resolve these imbalances and distortions, and once this is done, the Healing occurs spontaneously.


If what I have written above resonates with you, then feel free to contact me for a Working.  The Working will be done at the first available time.

I work on a per-Donation basis, but only if the Healing is succcessful.

All you need to do is describe the issue you would like to have resolved.  The issue can be anything – body/physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual/inspirational.

1) what is the name of the issue?
2) how long have you had the issue?
3) what have you done to address it?

or email: ggwfung@gmail.com


Update 14 Mar 2015:  This was an extremely happy Client. It took two Workings to resolve the issues. Three areas were initially presented: 1) fatigue issues which interfered with life. Lots of sleep needed. 2) pain in the ovary region that the doctors could not diagnose. and 3) an itching in the genital regions that was also undiagnosed. The main binding issue was to do with the denial of one’s self intuition (a heavily feminine trait), and a lot of heavy balancing work was involved. 9 days after the first session, the second Working was done, and the following email arrived 10 days afterwards, with enough time to determine a change that was lasting, effective, and life-changing. When I am able to resolve an issue this deep, I am truly honored to have been part of the process. But let her words speak for themselves 🙂

Dear Garry,

I would like to thank you for your latest work.
By the time I read your mail, I felt an energy boost and a feeling I cannot really explain before going to bed.
Also your remarks regarding the issues coming from the sacral chakra were spot on, as I also experienced some orange flashing during a session at the osteopath around the same time I contacted you for the first time. At that time I immediately knew that I needed to address some issues pertaining to that chakra. I just didn’t know that much about chakras.

Right now, I have the feeling that my issues have been dealt with. The pain in the ovary region feels like it is being restrained by some force. The itching is less and I am getting used to be able to go a day without a nap.

All I can say is that you are an amazing Human Being with impressive talent. I am forever touched and grateful for the help you are so quick to give. You added a great portion to the happiness I have been feeling during the last few weeks.

I really hope that my job/financial situation will evolve soon enough, so that I can send an amount that is actually payment worthy your way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

– – female from Germany

Update 23 Dec 2014: This client had debilitating back pain for over a year. It caused difficulties in being able to breathe, leading to shallowness of breath and dizziness. It took 3 or 4 Workings to finally resolve the issue, as there were multiple layers involved. But when it finally happened, there was just sheer joy for both them and myself.

My breathing is deep and full, natural, not forced. My back pain seems to be entirely gone today, which is incredibly strange. If I try really hard, I can notice some very minor discomfort, but it’s very tiny. When stretching my limbs and joints, twisting my back, etc., there is no discomforting pain (again, strikes me as really weird). And, today I already cracked my backbone a couple times and it was some of the most amazing back-crackin’ I’ve had. Extremely relieving.

– – male from South America

Update 4 Dec 2014: I’ve very much enjoyed working with this client, and even though they have labored under many physical distortions, the Workings I have done for them have been an absolute joy.  That said, I was still flabbergasted to receive this feedback from them the other night.

i was in hell my friend these days ,making a single step on foot was stressful and painful without any balance followed by high body temperature,but i wouldn’t mind passing another if it creates the effects like this one did and that is I DON’T EXPERIENCE HIVES ANY MORE , there wasn’t even 1 time that it activated itself and i wasn’t trying to prevent it .(used no medication since your working but that was my call entirely because they didn’t provide any measurable effect on hives anyway

– – male from Eastern Europe

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