I do this Work on a Donation basis.

If you think you have had a Successful Healing, then take the time to donate.  It’s appreciated!

Enter the donation amount in the “Item price:” field – – Thanks!!

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7 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Donation made. But a tiny token of sincere love and deepest gratitude not only for the amazing work that you have done on my behalf but also just for being who you are and doing what you. May the infinite grace of the Creator be always with you and guide you in the work that you do – never for the possibility of a donation but always out of the loving kindness that shines like a bright beacon from your gracious heart. Thank you, Garry.


  2. I have been seeking balance / guidance / healing from Garry as I went through hectic and turbulent times in my life since 2015 . 2018 now ! Feeling excited for this year. Feeling better as days go by.

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  3. Thank you so much, Garry, as someone new to the idea of another dimension, your advice has set my concerns at rest. My anxiety was destroying all interest in life, whatever the future brings now, I feel peace, love & light to you😊


  4. Gary, thank you so much for the healing service you have provided to me, my donation is but a small gesture for a grand service you have given. Love and light to you!


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