A Philosophy of Healing – according to those of Ra

I – admittedly – have an unusually strong interest in the Phenomena of Healing. Healing – of course – can mean MANY THINGS – but for me – it offers a way back to wholeness and integrity. And what could be more Joyous than such a state (that of Wholeness and Integrity)?

And so it’s informed my personal Path immensely. Healing begins with the self – and then we find the supportive agents that actively enact that: whether it be information on the energy centers (the 7 chakras), intuitive and inner guidance on the way forward, or external Practitioners (of the healing Arts) who can facilitate our Process. And so it can become quite the Commitment to become whole again!

But to address pain and distortions – it really IS the only way forward. But that’s just my personal (biased) opinion – based on years of personal self-Transformation.

In this blog post here – I will offer some thoughts and reflections on the Nature of Healing – as a commentary on what Ra offered in some of their answers. I – of course – am referring to the Law of One text: which is one of the most AWESOMEST pieces of Documentation that exists on this Planet!!



Thought #1

66.10 Questioner: What is the difference, philosophically, between a mind/body/spirit complex healing itself through mental, shall I say, configuration or it being healed by an healer?

Ra: I am Ra. You have a misconception. The healer does not heal. The crystallized healer is a channel for intelligent energy which offers an opportunity to an entity that it might heal itself.

In no case is there an other description of healing. Therefore, there is no difference as long as the healer never approaches one whose request for aid has not come to it previously. This is also true of the more conventional healers of your culture and if these healers could but fully realize that they are responsible only for offering the opportunity of healing, and not for the healing, many of these entities would feel an enormous load of misconceived responsibility fall from them.

The healer does not heal. That’s quite a good one!

The Healer just makes the OPPORTUNITY available to the other self.

That’s truly profound!



Thought #2

17.18 The gate to intelligent infinity can only be opened when an understanding of the instreamings of intelligent energy are opened unto the healer. These are the so-called Natural Laws of your local space/time continuum and its web of electromagnetic sources or nexi of instreaming energy.

​​Know then, first, the mind and the body. Then as the spirit is integrated and synthesized, those are harmonized into a mind/body/spirit complex which can move among the dimensions and which can open the gateway to intelligent infinity, thus healing self by light and sharing that light with others.

True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self.

There are some excellent Thoughts here.

​Know then, first, the mind and the body. Such important steps! The self is ever-present … we just have to be able (and willing) to comprehend who we truly are! All the pieces are there, in other Words. Nothing is missing or absent.

The last paragraph on ‘True Healing’ is also just a mind-blast. A true Ra tongue-twister. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

“recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self.”

It always comes back to Identity!



Thought #3

66.16 Questioner: Then the desire must be strong within the mind/body/spirit complex who seeks healing to be healed in order for the healing to occur? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct on one level or another. An entity may not consciously seek healing and yet subconsciously be aware of the need to experience the new set of distortions which result from healing. Similarly an entity may consciously desire healing greatly but within the being, at some level, find some cause whereby certain configurations which seem quite distorted are, in fact, at that level, considered appropriate.

So here we have an explanation/Understanding of why certain ‘distortions’ (physical, mental/emotional, or otherwise) continue to persist despite best attempts from the outside to ameliorate things.

They are still being held in place for learning purposes!

This is in no way a kind of blame, or distancing measure (regards Compassion).

But from what I’ve seen – healing is very much a Journey and a Process. When things are ready to re-configure (and there’s been enough inner recognition of the deeper metaphysical context of the situation) – things can SHIFT quite dramatically and INSTANTANEOUSLY!



Thought #4

26.30 Questioner: And then, can you describe the mechanism of the planetary healing?

Ra: I am Ra. Healing is a process of acceptance, forgiveness, and, if possible, restitution. The restitution not being available in time/space, there are many among your peoples now attempting restitution while in the physical.

Ra is speaking about Planetary Healing here – but the general principles are still pertinent (and very apt).

Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Restitution.

The last portion (restitution) is not necessarily punishment, or penance.  But it’s about fully OWNING up to the destructive nature of some acts and thoughts.  The time period for that ‘restitution’ can simply be a matter of one Intense Acknowledgement.  With many other precursors and parameters in that person’s Life being a pointer to that singular, desired Act.



Thought #5

66.12 Questioner: Could you tell me the other ways that the entity could seek healing?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps the greatest healer is within the self and may be tapped with continued meditation as we have suggested.

The many forms of healing available to your peoples each have virtue and may be deemed appropriate by any seeker who wishes to alter the physical complex distortions or some connection between the various portions of the mind/body/spirit complex thereby.

Not all Healing has to be metaphysical and spiritual!

There are many MEANS of coming back into greater Alignment.



Thought #6

86.15 Questioner: If it is of any value to know that would you tell me why the dreaming process works like that?

Ra: I am Ra. The portions of the dreaming process which are helpful for polarization and also for the vision of the mystic take place in time/space and, consequently, use the bridge from metaphysical to physical for what seems to be a brief period of your space/time. The time/space equivalent is far greater. The bridge remains, however, and traduces each distortion of mind, body, and spirit as it has received the distortions of energy influxes so that healing may take place. This healing process does not occur with the incidence of rapid eye movement but rather occurs largely in the space/time portion of the mind/body/spirit complex using the bridge to time/space for the process of healing to be enabled.

Ra is talking about the daily experience of Re-vitalisation that occurs during DEEP SLEEP.

It’s a full-on experience being here in the 3d environment – and there is MUCH that we cannot integrate (or accept) in our daily round of Experience.  This creates distortions and warpings in our energetic structures.

As much as it is possible – the creases and kinks are ironed out – and there is some Possibility of starting the next day more informed, and with greater capacity to deal with what we need to deal with.

Sleep is not just resting — it’s Healing!!



Thought #7

66.8 Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Only insofar as the healer has become balanced may it be a channel for the balancing of an other-self. The healing is first practiced upon the self, if we may say this in another way.

*pow*.  This is Really where it hits home.

If you want to heal others – you have to heal yourself first.

To know the process, the inner dynamics, the landscape that you will be visiting (when assisting another).

To be able to ‘explain’ to yourself, in common terms, what is going on.

I can’t stress enough that YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE LANDSCAPE.

You can’t talk about Paris, if you haven’t been there (yourself).



Thought #8

4.20 Questioner: My objective is primarily to discover more of the Law of One, and [it would] be very helpful to discover techniques of healing. I am aware of your problem with respect to free will. Can you make… You cannot make suggestions, so I will ask you if you can state the Law of One and the laws of healing to me?

Ra: I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

One of the primal distortions of the Law of One is that of healing. Healing occurs when a mind/body/spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One; that is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection; that all is complete and whole and perfect. Thus, the intelligent infinity within this mind/body/spirit complex re-forms the illusion of body, mind, or spirit to a form congruent with the Law of One. The healer acts as energizer or catalyst for this completely individual process.

Why are there distortions in the first place?  (physically speaking)

Ra is pointing to the REVERSAL of separation here.

A configuration (in Awareness) that is more whole, complete, and unified (than previously).

This happens in stages though – as each experience of Separation (and lack of Compassion and Understanding) is confronted, one-by-one.



Thought #9

4.15 Questioner: Then would it [be] possible for you to train us in healing practice?

Ra: I am Ra. It is possible.

Inserted for comedic purposes 🙂

Yes – Ra did answer the question that was asked by Don 🙂



Thought #10

57.9 Questioner: Does the size, physical size of the crystal have any relationship to the effectiveness in the healing?

Ra: I am Ra. In some applications concerning planetary healing, this is a consideration. In working with an individual mind/body/spirit complex, the only requirement is that the crystal be in harmony with the crystallized being. There is perhaps a lower limit to the size of what you may call a faceted crystal, for light coming through this crystal needs to be spread the complete width of the spectrum of the one to be healed. It may further be noted that water is a type of crystal which is efficacious also although not as easy to hang from a chain in your density.

Crystals!  What a powerful aid to the Healing Process!

I (personally) use a lab-grown Ruby as my main healing ‘device’.



Thought #11

66.14 Questioner: Would you explain that last comment about the configuration in time/space?

Ra: I am Ra. Healing is done in the time/space portion of the mind/body/spirit complex, is adopted by the form-making or etheric body, and is then given to the space/time physical illusion for use in the activated yellow-ray mind/body/spirit complex. It is the adoption of the configuration which you call health by the etheric body in time/space which is the key to what you call health, not any event which occurs in space/time. In this process you may see the transdimensional aspect of what you call will, for it is the will, the seeking, the desire of the entity which causes the indigo body to use the novel configuration and to reform the body which exists in space/time. This is done in an instant and may be said to operate without regard to time. We may note that in the healing of very young children there is often an apparent healing by the healer in which the young entity has no part. This is never so, for the mind/body/spirit complex in time/space is always capable of willing the distortions it chooses for experience no matter what the apparent age, as you call it, of the entity.

This is really a meaty answer here – and goes to the heart of what is called ‘metaphysical Healing’.

This is not a physical, space-time process, in other words.

Metaphysical Healing transcends the boundaries of distance – which is why it can be done from another city, another country, or even another Continent.

The Free Will element is also KEY here.  Any changes that take place are chosen by the entity seeking the Healing.



Thought #12

64.15 Questioner: Thank you. Ra mentioned the ones Stuart and Douglas in a recent session. These are members of what we call our medical profession. What is the value, overall value, shall I say, of modern medical techniques in alleviating bodily distortions with respect to the purpose for these distortions and what we might call karma and other effects?

Ra: I am Ra. This query is convoluted. However, we shall make some observations in lieu of attempting one coherent answer, for that which is allopathic among your healing practices is somewhat two-sided.

Firstly, you must see the possibility/probability that each and every allopathic healer is in fact an healer. Within your cultural nexus this training is considered the appropriate means of perfecting the healing ability. In the most basic sense any allopathic healer may be seen to, perhaps, be one whose desire is service to others in alleviation of bodily complex and mental/emotional complex distortions so that the entity to be healed may experience further catalyst over a longer period of what you call the life. This is a great service to others when appropriate due to the accumulation of distortions toward wisdom and love which can be created through the use of the space/time continuum of your illusion.

In observing the allopathic concept of the body complex as the machine we may note the symptomology of a societal complex seemingly dedicated to the most intransigent desire for the distortions of distraction, anonymity, and sleep. This is the result rather than the cause of societal thinking upon your plane.

In turn this mechanical concept of the body complex has created the continuing proliferation of distortions towards what you would call ill-health due to the strong chemicals used to control and hide bodily distortions. There is a realization among many of your peoples that there are more efficacious systems of healing not excluding the allopathic but also including the many other avenues of healing.

*pow*.  Another TRULY PROFOUND piece of questioning, and answering.  This time on the nature of Modern Medicine, and how it approaches the self (the body as a ‘machine’).

Modern Doctors DO want to help.  By allieving pain and suffering.  But that approach does not go to the *root cause* of those issues and symptoms.  So their treatments end up PERPETUATING the ignorant divide between CAUSATION, and EXPERIENCE.

It *does* help, because one can continue to function in some way, by denting, or blunting the effects of certain physical illnesses.

But it doesn’t ever get to the HEART of those issues.

And the treatments almost always cause OTHER DISTORTIONS, that can be just as catastrophic and derailing, as the original issue that was ostensibly treated.



Thought #13

58.3 Questioner: We have tried healing with the diamond crystal. I have tried both using the crystal around my neck and dangling it from a chain under my right hand. I think that possibly that to do the best work on the wrist I should dangle the crystal just below my right hand from a distance of just a centimeter or two, holding it directly above the wrist. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This would be appropriate if you were practiced at your healing art. To work with a powerful crystal such as you have, while unable to perceive the magnetic flux of the subtle bodies, is perhaps the same as recommending that the beginner, with saw and nail, create the Vatican.

There is great art in the use of the swung crystal. At this point in your development, you would do well to work with the unpowerful crystals in ascertaining, not only the physical major energy centers, but also the physical secondary and tertiary energy centers and then begin to find the corresponding subtle body energy centers. In this way, you may activate your own inner vision.

There is skill and craft to any Endeavour!

Including the Healing Arts 🙂



Thought #14

4.17 Questioner: I have no idea of how long this would take or if you can even tell anything about that. Is it possible for you to give me a synopsis of the program of training required? I have no knowledge of what questions to ask at this point. I’ll ask that question in the hopes that it makes sense.

Ra: I am Ra. We consider your request for information, for as you noted, there are a significant number of vibratory sound complexes which can be used in sequence to train the healer.

The synopsis is a very appropriate entry that you might understand what is involved.

Firstly, the mind must be known to itself. This is perhaps the most demanding part of healing work. If the mind knows itself then the most important aspect of healing has occurred, for consciousness is the microcosm of the Law of One.

The second part has to do with the disciplines of the body complexes. In the streamings reaching your planet at this time, these understandings and disciplines have to do with the balance between love and wisdom in the use of the body in its natural functions.

The third area is the spiritual, and in this area the first two disciplines are connected through the attainment of contact with intelligent infinity.

Don asked this question very early on in the Sessions (session #4), about how to actually approach this Process of Metaphysical Healing.

So he asked for a ‘synopsis’ – which is kind of like an Overview of what would be Involved in moving forward.

Ra’s answer came in 3 parts – each of which pertains to one of the 3 major Demarcation Points, when it comes to ‘looking’ at what an Entity actually is.  That is – we all consist of a Mind, we all consist of a Body, and we all each contain a relationship to the Spirit.

This mind/body/spirit complex is the thing to be examined (and developed) over Time.

The thoughts that they offered in each of these 3 areas is truly Profound.

<thumbs up>

“The mind must be known to itself”.

Say that again, and again!!



Thought #15

39.10 The indigo ray, though precious, is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.

The indigo ray offers many things to the Healer.  It is the avenue by which the time/space elements can be accessed, and interfaced with.

This was a *crucial* portion in my own journey and process – even way before I had an inkling that this would be one of the ways that I would be able to serve others.

This is the faculty by which you can *perceive* others, in metaphysical space.

It began to be activated in me, because I had a strong desire to be able to accept, and understand others.  It just ‘turned on’ one day.  And while limited – it became the basis for everything that followed.

The desire to comprehend others begins this process, imo.

Plus doing the preceding inner work on the lower three energy centers.  Root chakra, sacral, and solar plexus.  It’s a Discipline!



Thought #16

41.21 Questioner: You mentioned in the last session that fasting was a method of removing unwanted thought-forms. Can you expand on this process and explain a little more about how this works?

Ra: I am Ra. This, as all healing techniques, must be used by a conscious being; that is, a being conscious that the ridding of excess and unwanted material from the body complex is the analogy to the ridding of mind or spirit of excess or unwanted material. Thus the one discipline or denial of the unwanted portion as an appropriate part of the self is taken through the tree of mind down through the trunk to subconscious levels where the connection is made and thus the body, mind, and spirit, then in unison, express denial of the excess or unwanted spiritual or mental material as part of the entity.

All then falls away and the entity, while understanding, if you will, and appreciating the nature of the rejected material as part of the greater self, nevertheless, through the action of the will purifies and refines the mind/body/spirit complex, bringing into manifestation the desired mind complex or spirit complex attitude.

The Question here was regards Fasting.

And how it could be efficacious (in a healing/transformative sense).

Once something is appreciated for what it is – it can be released of it’s present hold within one’s self and identity.

It can then be ‘absolved’; as if it never truly existed.

One can be reborn – ANEW.



Thought #17

64.20 Questioner: In the healing exercises, when you say examine the sensations of the body, do you mean those sensations available to the body via the five senses or in relation to the natural functions of the body such as touching, loving, sexual sharing, and company, or are you speaking of something else altogether?

Ra: I am Ra. The questioner may perceive its body complex at this moment. It is experiencing sensations. Most of these sensations or in this case, nearly all of them, are transient and without interest. However, the body is the creature of the mind. Certain sensations carry importance due to the charge or power which is felt by the mind upon the experience of this sensation.

For instance, at this space/time nexus one sensation is carrying a powerful charge and may be examined. This is the sensation of what you call the distortion towards discomfort due to the cramped position of the body complex during this working. In balancing you would then explore this sensation. Why is this sensation powerful? Because it was chosen in order that the entity might be of service to others in energizing this contact.

Each sensation that leaves the aftertaste of meaning upon the mind, that leaves the taste within the memory shall be examined. These are the sensations of which we speak.

Again – this is another injunction to give things their Proper Weight and Value.



Thought #18

56.3 The function of the healer and crystal may not be over-emphasized, for this power of interruption must needs be controlled, shall we say, with incarnate intelligence; the intelligence being that of one which recognizes energy patterns; which, without judging, recognizes blockage, weakness, and other distortion; and which is capable of visualizing, through the regularity of self and of crystal, the less distorted other-self to be healed.

The visualisation here is a receptive quality (in my opinion), rather than a Projective one, based on the desires/intentions of the Healer.

The reason being, that if a Visualisation is Projective, it’s trying to impose a configuration – however well intentioned – on the recipient.  This can be of temporary holding power.

When the Visualisation is Receptive, it’s actually being WITNESS to the new state that is naturally arising and forming, and just needs the Healer’s confirmation, to put into the appropriate place.

The rest of Ra’s thoughts (here) are extremely pertinent as well.



Thought #19

17.39 Questioner: Then is it necessary to penetrate one plane at a time as we move from what we call third-density physical through these planes?

Ra: I am Ra. It has been our experience that some penetrate several planes at one time. Others penetrate them slowly. Some in eagerness attempt to penetrate the higher planes before penetrating the energies of the so-called lower or more fundamental planes. This causes energy imbalance.

You will find ill health, as you call this distortion, to frequently be the result of a subtle mismatch of energies in which some of the higher energy levels are being activated by the conscious attempts of the entity while the entity has not penetrated the lower energy centers or sub-densities of this density.

Don’t run before you can walk!!



Thought #20

62.26 Questioner: Have I missed anything now that we can do at all to aid the instrument during, before, or after a session or at any time?

Ra: I am Ra. The love and devotion of this group misses nothing. Be at peace. There is some toll for this work. This instrument embraces this or we could not speak. Rest then in that peace and love and do as you will, as you wish, as you feel. Let there be an end to worry when this is accomplished. The great healer of distortions is love.

Some of the greatest (and empowering) Transformations have been effectuated on those who are HIGHLY SERVICE ORIENTED.

This is because they have the Gift of Love IN THEM; and this can be magnified, and tapped powerfully by the Healer.



Thought #21

66.15 Questioner: Is this desire and will that operates through to the time/space section a function only of the entity who is healed or is it also the function of the healer, the crystallized healer?

Ra: I am Ra. May we take this opportunity to say that this is the activity of the Creator. To specifically answer your query the crystallized healer has no will. It offers an opportunity without attachment to the outcome, for it is aware that all is one and that the Creator is knowing Itself.

This is one of the highest services that can be offered (to another).

There is a high degree of acceptance, compassion, trust, and honoring when the Healing Process is engaged in.





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